Algonquin College Pride Centre

The Algonquin Students' Association Pride Centre is a new, exciting place at the college and I was so lucky to be able to design the look for it. The main rainbow needed to be recognizable as a symbol of the LGBT community without looking tacky or boring. I think we were successful.

The Pride Centre is a safe, open, inclusive, non-discriminating space for all students of Algonquin College no matter their sexual orientation or gender identity. The Pride Centre is a drop-in space that provides a safe and welcoming environment and offers peer support, resources, events, education, and more.

Wall sign pointing to the Pride Centre with the rainbow branding.
Front office of the centre with a banner and matching branded items.
Thank you to everyone who helped on this project. It was one of the best things I've worked on to date!

Photos by Jordan Wiens
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